Monday, January 7, 2008

Russian Globalization QA Engineers anyone?

So one of my hiring managers came to me today and asked me to help her find Globalization QA Engineers that speak Russian. Easier said than done. If anyone out there knows of anybody, please PLEASE clue me in!

To backtrack a bit, it's been a pretty hectic month. I was in Chicago visiting my parents for the week of Christmas, came back just in time for a black-tie NYE event, then just braved a wedding last night. Hectic but awesome because I get to keep dressing up in new dresses and shoes :-) The getting ready part is annoying but then you get to look all nice at the end.

I also got my first passive hire at VMware while I was in Chicago (yay!) so that was pretty good news. Also just been working out alot. NY resolution: back to college shape. Now that I'm done traveling and all the annual festivities are calming down I'll be more regular about updating my blog.

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