Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Hirji!

Today was Hirji's birthday. (He's also a QA recruiter, sits in the cube next to mine.) We went to La Bodegita for lunch along with a few others in Prom D. Our waiter was a complete waste of space. Took him over 10 minutes to bring us water and bread. He took an order for 2 Heinekens which never came, because it turns out La Bodegita doesn't serve Heinekens! Then of course, the crowning touch, cutting up Hirji's birthday cake and returning it to me in a box instead of serving it to us, then wanting to charge us $2 each for a dessert fee. (Also I asked him to cut it into 6 pieces, we ended up with 8.) Overall, a very memorable experience. Don't get me wrong though, the food was oh so good! I recommend the skirt steak, medium rare.

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