Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sourcer's block

Kind of like writer's block I guess? I'm at my wit's end right now trying to figure out some new ways to source. I keep on running across the same people, either qualified and not interested, or super-interested but not qualified.

A friend suggested to me that perhaps I should think about a career change, after all, I am a psych major, IT might not be my interest and I'm just fooling myself into thinking this is my dream job :-(

Things took a down turn after I got my Fit n Fruitful smoothie at Jamba Juice which was messed up and tasted like nasty goop. Usually it's my favorite smoothie. (Note: stay away from the Jamba Juice next to Palo Alto High School during their lunch time.) I might need to go write about it on Yelp, it has become my latest and greatest obsession to write trashy reviews.

The gloomy weather isn't much help either.

If only there's a magical way to reach out to all the QA engineers out there. And if only my candidates stop getting rejected for being "over-qualified."

Alright I'm downright whining! Tomorrow will be a better day, after all, there will be another beer bash!

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