Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's just lovely weather outside!

Ugh. It's only 5pm and it's super dark and gloomy. That is the down side to sitting so close to windows and the door. I think if it wasn't for my heater I'd freeze to death from the draft that comes in every time someone opens the door facing my cube.

Recruiting is slowly picking back up. My brain has somewhat defrosted and I'm filling my pipeline.

So onto more interesting stuff. I'm actually looking for a room right now. Last night I drove to this place in San Jose. I was so convinced that it was the same distance as going to Milpitas, since Google maps told me so, but in the end the drive was almost an hour long through some pretty horrendous traffic. The place itself was decent, in the nice neighborhood off of Capitol Expressway. $700 for the entire first floor of the house with private entrance and patio, plus utilities and internet included. The catch being the washer and dryer would be right outside my door, shared with 2 other house mates. That and the thought of keeping house when both my other house mates will be guys was pretty much the deal breaker. At least the drive back home to Milpitas was short and painless.

I also just got my tattoo redone. Finally! I spent like half an hour yelping about the place I went to so I'm not going to go through that here again, but feel free to look up Da Wei Tattoo if you go on Yelp! and you'll see what I mean.

Another funny thing, well curious thing I guess. My good friend whom I met while studying abroad in Singapore, he's from LA but feels that Singapore is home, so he spends alot of time out there, just messaged me today and told me that he broke up with his gf out there. Now I wonder if this is every guy, but when I asked how he felt he actually said he felt relieved, because he's been wanting to break it off but just wasn't sure how she'd handle it emotionally. I just always thought guys don't really care about stuff like that but my friend maybe a particularly sensitive soul.

I just also told another friend to get mojitos at XYZ bar inside the W in SF when he meets with his ex gf whom he broke up with back in 1996, lol. Hope that was a good idea...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sourcer's block

Kind of like writer's block I guess? I'm at my wit's end right now trying to figure out some new ways to source. I keep on running across the same people, either qualified and not interested, or super-interested but not qualified.

A friend suggested to me that perhaps I should think about a career change, after all, I am a psych major, IT might not be my interest and I'm just fooling myself into thinking this is my dream job :-(

Things took a down turn after I got my Fit n Fruitful smoothie at Jamba Juice which was messed up and tasted like nasty goop. Usually it's my favorite smoothie. (Note: stay away from the Jamba Juice next to Palo Alto High School during their lunch time.) I might need to go write about it on Yelp, it has become my latest and greatest obsession to write trashy reviews.

The gloomy weather isn't much help either.

If only there's a magical way to reach out to all the QA engineers out there. And if only my candidates stop getting rejected for being "over-qualified."

Alright I'm downright whining! Tomorrow will be a better day, after all, there will be another beer bash!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Russian Globalization QA Engineers anyone?

So one of my hiring managers came to me today and asked me to help her find Globalization QA Engineers that speak Russian. Easier said than done. If anyone out there knows of anybody, please PLEASE clue me in!

To backtrack a bit, it's been a pretty hectic month. I was in Chicago visiting my parents for the week of Christmas, came back just in time for a black-tie NYE event, then just braved a wedding last night. Hectic but awesome because I get to keep dressing up in new dresses and shoes :-) The getting ready part is annoying but then you get to look all nice at the end.

I also got my first passive hire at VMware while I was in Chicago (yay!) so that was pretty good news. Also just been working out alot. NY resolution: back to college shape. Now that I'm done traveling and all the annual festivities are calming down I'll be more regular about updating my blog.