Thursday, March 6, 2008

The general opinion

Something I've learned since my time at VMware, which was not so apparent to me before: Most people despise recruiters.

Now definitely this claim is not aimed at anyone in the industry in particular, and it's almost understandable why we're so hated.

There are alot of headhunters out there who SPAM.

Now while most of us, myself included, would be incredibly flattered that someone went through all that trouble to find me and offer me a job opportunity because they recognize my skills and talent, I think there are others that are just plain fed up, always being called or emailed at work, sometimes regarding positions that have nothing whatsoever to do with them. They start to regard these calls as those made by dreaded telemarketers that most of us screen or hang up on.

Now this is my opinion on this topic:

1. I NEVER email or call anyone at a work related address/phone number. I wouldn't want you to ambush ME at work either.
2. If you're not interested in what I'm presenting, a simple "no thank you" will suffice. Otherwise I would probably follow up with you to make sure my email somehow didn't end up in a spam folder but you were actually interested (this actually happens quite often). Please don't get too worked up about me following up, since that IS my job.
3. Please consider my feelings as a human being before you come back with some harsh or unnecessary response when all I did was ask you about your interest in exploring new opportunities.

For the most part, those I've contacted are easy-going when I approach them, so keep in mind my opinion is aimed at the general masses, and not at any one person in particular.

On a lighter note, I'm STILL looking for that hardcore Silk programmer. Do you or anyone you know fit that description?

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