Thursday, February 26, 2009


I guess I really really really need to work on keeping this up to date! It's always exciting when someone contacts me and tells me it's because they saw my blog :)

Of course as usual I have a GREAT excuse for why I haven't been doing this. The past two months has by far been the most dramatic and crazy in terms of my personal life for a looooong time...lots of heartbreak to say the least. But as usual, life goes on, with or without me, so I'm hopping back on the train before it leaves me behind!

As far as recruiting, Facebook Dublin is doing well! The team is growing, making their office more like home, like a little happy family. Seeing their pictures on Facebook always make me smile, and it's always a good feeling knowing I've contributed to its growth.

The madness continues! I'll continue to recruit for Online Operations folks that are bilingual in Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, etc etc. I welcome anyone to reach out to me regarding openings because as the office grows our needs will grow as well. Again I apologize to those who have reached out regarding English-speaking roles, since that's just not our priority right now.

So here's to you, 2009! I'll hang onto my optimism and hope everything else falls into place.


sasà said...

i'm really really optimistic
call me asap, please...

shawarma said...

hey this is loay, any "off the record"
tips on taking my test on wednesday??
is it in arabic?
i am trying to be a little bit sneaky here lol :)