Friday, January 16, 2009

Wrapping up my week

Wow just like that and it's Friday! 17 interviews, the last one going on right now, then one more day for me to be a total tourist and take a bus tour around Dublin.

I honestly wasn't sure if I could pull this off on my own, haha. Tuesday was by far the most challenging since I was facilitating interviews and meetings for a different group with back to back interviews and meetings that started at 9 30am and lasted all the way through to 6 30pm. I sort of "fake calmness" when I'm stressed, so I think I managed to convince others that everything was ok when inside my stomach was doing cartwheels.

I think I really like Dublin! The people are extremely friendly, and the whole city has this rustic yet modern look and feel to it. Tons of brick everywhere, meat pies and Guinness, traffic is scary and no one seems to pay attention to stop lights, not to mention despite the "look right" and "look left" signs on the ground I'm still confused about which way cars are supposed to be coming from. Also the weather is not nearly as bad as everyone said it would be, the sun is actually shining right now, I guess you appreciate what you get when you're prepared for the worst :)

Tonight I'm accompanying part of the landing team to watch their speed-dating escapade, I'll just sit back with one of the other guys and drink beer and heckle them from afar :)

I'm excited to see beyond Graftston Street and St. Stephen's Green tomorrow! Guinness Factory here I come!!

Then Sunday, leaving on a jet plane, back home to the complications of real life again...

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